Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

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Measures key components for valuable information on your metabolism, liver and kidneys.


Your metabolism is the life force of all your body’s energy, turning what you eat into the fuel to support vital functions including heart rate, brain function and breathing. A metabolic test can reveal how the pieces involved are working to support your body’s needs. 

This comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) blood test measures essential components in your blood (including sugars, minerals, electrolytes, enzymes and waste products) that contribute to your overall health and provide information on the functioning status of your metabolism, liver and kidneys. When reviewed by your healthcare provider, a CMP test with a clinical examination may help detect certain health conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, liver inflammation or electrolyte imbalances.  

Note: A CMP panel may reveal results that suggest abnormal thyroid function, but it does not directly measure thyroid function. To assess your thyroid function, consider our Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Test or the Thyroid Health Blood Test Package, which also provides TSH results.



Fast for 12 hours (no food or drink, except water).

What's Included

Glucose The primary type of sugar found in your blood.


A mineral essential to bone and muscle health.

Total Protein

The total amount of proteins (including albumin) found in the blood that helps determine overall nutritional status.


The main protein that circulates in the blood, which provides tissue nourishment, carries substances (such as hormones and drugs) in the blood, and helps keep fluids within the blood vessels.


An electrically charged mineral (electrolyte) necessary for healthy muscle and nerve function that also helps maintain fluid balance.


An electrically charged mineral (electrolyte) vital to a cell’s ability to take in nutrients and remove waste; it is also essential for muscle function and regulating fluid balance.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

A waste product created by the body’s metabolism that helps maintain the body’s acid-base balance (pH) in the form of the electrolyte bicarbonate.


An electrically charged mineral (electrolyte) that helps regulate fluid and acid-base balance within the body.

Alkaline Phosphatase

An enzyme found in the cells of the liver and other tissue.

Alanine aminotransferase (ALT)

An enzyme found mostly in the cells of the liver and kidney.

Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST)

An enzyme found in the cells throughout the body but mostly in the cells of the heart and liver.


A waste product produced by the liver as it breaks down red blood cells.

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)

A protein waste product removed from the blood by the kidneys. 


A muscle-produced waste product filtered out by the kidneys.

BUN/Creatinine Ratio

A comparison of BUN levels to creatinine levels, two waste products filtered by the kidneys. 

Globulin, Total

A measure of a group of proteins that function to help transport nutrients and help the body fight infections.

A/G Ratio

A measure of the amount of albumin present compared to globulin present in the blood. Both albumin and globulin are proteins produced by the liver.  


A calculation (factored from your serum creatinine level, age, and gender) used to determine your level of kidney function; the higher your eGFR number, the better your kidneys are working; low results may be a sign of kidney disease.

Why Consider This Test

Icon Representation of Wellness
Proactive Prevention

Six out of 10 adults have a chronic disease and four out of 10 have two or more, but changes in lifestyle and behavior (like being more physically active or eating a healthy diet) can prevent or control many of these conditions.1

Taking Medications

In consultation with your doctor, a CMP can be used to monitor the use of certain medications to check for kidney-related or liver-related side effects.2

Icon Representation of Healthy Lifestyle
Healthier Habits

Having a healthy diet pattern and engaging in regular physical activity is essential for long-term health benefits and for the prevention of chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.3


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