Hepatitis B Immunity Test

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Your immunity status to hepatitis B virus (HBV) impacts you in several ways. Find out if you’re protected.


HBV is a contagious virus that attacks the liver and can be spread through contact with infected blood and other bodily fluids.1 Although the HBV vaccine is widely available, many adults remain unvaccinated and therefore unprotected against HBV infection. Labcorp OnDemand’s Hepatitis B Immunity Test can determine your HBV immunity status due to either a prior resolved infection or vaccination.



No special preparation.

What’s Included

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody

These antibodies are produced by the immune system in response to a prior resolved HBV infection or vaccination.

Why consider this test?

Image depicting immunity unknown
Immunity Unknown

Consider getting tested if you are unsure if you have received your hepatitis B vaccines or you want to find out if you are still immune from a previous vaccination or prior resolved infection.

Staying Proactive

This test helps determine if you are protected, especially if you are at high risk for exposure to HBV. So, it’s important to be proactive and confirm your immunity.

Trusted by Doctors

Sample collection is conducted at a Labcorp patient service center near you and processed in the same labs that hospitals and physicians trust and use.


    Hepatitis B is a liver infection caused by HBV and can be spread by blood and other bodily fluids. Hepatitis B causes a short-term acute illness in some people but a long-term chronic infection in others. It can lead to serious illness up to and including death. Stay proactive about your protection from HBV infection by determining if you are immune with a hepatitis B titer test.

    • Individuals needing proof of immunity status to HBV for work, travel or school 
    • Individuals who are unsure if they’ve ever been vaccinated against HBV (e.g., lost vaccine records)
    • Individuals at increased risk for HBV that want to ensure they are as protected as possible from infection

    Please note: this test measures your antibody levels in order to confirm your immunity to HBV. This test does NOT screen for active infection of hepatitis B.

    Per CDC guidelines2, the following individuals are at greater risk of exposure to hepatitis B:

    • Individuals who inject drugs or share needles, syringes and other drug equipment
    • Sex partners of individuals with HBV
    • Men who have sex with men
    • Individuals who live with someone who has HBV
    • Healthcare and public safety workers exposed to blood on the job
    • Individuals on dialysis

    Your test results will indicate whether or not you are immune to HBV infection.

    Healthy people who received their vaccine in infancy are likely to be protected against HBV infection for 30 years or more. Because immunity declines over time, people at higher risk for exposure to HBV (healthcare workers, immunocompromised patients, people who have an intimate partner with chronic HBV infection, etc.) may desire periodic testing to ensure they continue to be protected against infection.

    If your results suggest that you are not immune, you should consult with your provider to determine if HBV vaccination (or a booster for those previously vaccinated with ongoing risk for exposure) is in your best interest.


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