Kidney Health Test Package

Sample Type:
Sample Type
Blood & Urine
Age: 18+
Collection Method: Visit a Labcorp Location
HSA/FSA Accepted
Short Description

Your kidneys may be small, but their function can reveal a lot about your health.


Your kidneys work hard to keep your body healthy by removing waste products from your blood throughout the day. Without the kidneys, these toxins would build up in the body and cause damage.

This test panel includes markers that measure overall kidney function and indicate possible kidney damage.  




No special preparation.

What's Included


A muscle-produced waste product filtered out by the kidneys.

Albumin (Urine)

The main protein that circulates in the blood, which provides tissue nourishment, carries substances (such as hormones and drugs) in the blood and helps keep fluids within the blood vessels.

Albumin-Creatinine Ratio

A calculation that divides the amount of albumin measured in the urine by the urine creatinine level to correct for urine concentration.


A calculation (factored from your serum creatinine level, age, and gender) used to determine your level of kidney function; the higher your eGFR number, the better your kidneys are working; low results may be a sign of kidney disease.

Why Consider This Test

Silent Symptoms
Silent Symptoms

About 37 million US adults are estimated to have CKD, and most are undiagnosed. 40% of people with severely reduced kidney function (not on dialysis) are not aware of having CKD.

Most (96 percent ) people with kidney damage or mildly reduced kidney function are not aware of having CKD.1.

Relevant Risk
Relevant Risk

High blood pressure, heart disease, and a family history of diabetes are primary risk factors for kidney disease.2

Proactive Prevention
Proactive Prevention

CKD can be treated. With early diagnosis and treatment, it's possible to slow or stop the progression of kidney disease.1


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How To Get This Test

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