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Men's Rapid Fertility Test Refill Kit

Sample Type:
Age: 18+
Collection Method: Home Kit
HSA/FSA Accepted
Short Description

Monitor your fertility journey over time


When it comes to figuring out fertility concerns, uncertainty is a huge hurdle for any couple. We’ve made men’s fertility testing easier than ever—with the option to repeat the test over time right at home— so you can learn about the lifestyle changes that can impact your reproductive health.

This refill kit allows for fast, easy and private assessment of two key factors in male fertility: sperm concentration (one way of estimating sperm count) and semen volume.

What’s Included

This at-home refill kit includes 2 refill containers and 4 droppers to be used with the sample analyzer from your previously purchased Men’s Rapid Fertility Test. It does not include an additional sample analyzer.

Why Consider This Test

Several factors including medical, environmental, health and lifestyle choices can affect your sperm count. Evaluating your sperm count over time can help you determine if certain lifestyle choices have an impact on your overall reproductive health.


Remember to wait 2 to 7 days without ejaculating before collecting a sample. Do not use condoms or lubricants when collecting a sample.


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